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ۼ : 12-06-05 10:15
[Movie] PeopleNet Chooses MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC
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Trucking. It's a tough business. With high operating expenses, compliance regulations, fluctuating fuel costs, and super thin margins, trucking companies live or die based on the efficiency of their operations and productivity of their drivers.

Perhaps no one knows this better than PeopleNet, a leading provider of onboard computing and mobile communication solutions to the transportation industry, primarily in the trucking sector. Since 1994, when the Minnesota-based company was founded, PeopleNet has been helping its customers improve efficiency and get the most out of their technology investments. Today, more than 1500 trucking companies throughout NorthAmerica rely on PeopleNet systems to increase safety and compliance, reduce operating costs, boost productivity and improve customer service.