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ۼ : 12-06-05 10:10
[Movie] Tablet PC in a Paint Shaker! Torture Chamber Series
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The xTablet T8700 Rugged Tablet PC is mounted in a Paint Shaker! To demonstrate ruggedness of shock and vibration, we mounted the xTablet in a Red Devil paint shaker along with a USB accelerometer to measure the G-forces the tablet endures while being violently shaken.

We start by showing the xTablet secured in place while we use a Bluetooth mouse to maneuver within Windows demonstrating the unit is working. The tablet is slapped to show the G-force graph is running. We start a video and turn the paint shaker on. The graph immediately goes crazy! We try to maneuver around in Windows again with the Bluetooth mouse but its a little difficult as we cant see where the cursor is. You can see the Start Menu appear and the touch keyboard.

We zoom in to see the wave form on the graph more closely. We turn off the paint shaker and back on while zoomed in. You can see the xTablet endures approximately 15Gs of violent forces! We zoom in on the SENSR brand USB accelerometer. And then the outtake showing our engineers who had to secure the base of the paint shaker as the violent shaking was causing it to slide across the concrete pad without it being held in place.

I had to cut out when they said TTHHAATT FFEEEELLSS GGOOOODD!

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