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T7000 - Carrying Options
 Model : Accessories

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Hand Strap

The xTablet T7000 Hand strap fits like a glove enabling you to effortlessly and securely hold the Rugged Tablet PC. It was designed to be used only with the xTablet. The strap attaches to four separate points on the xTablet. You simply place your hand between the leather strap and the xTablet. Flexible elastic ensures a comfortable fit. This is a "must have" accessory for field workers handling the computer for much of the day.

Briefcase Handle

The xTablet T7000 Rugged Leather Handle secures to the side of the computer using rugged steel clasps and metal "D-rings". The rounded contours allow for added comfort and ease of use. With the tablet weighing approximately 3 pounds, the briefcase style handle is a very rugged and inexpensive carrying solution that can be used in almost every application.

2-Point Shoulder Harness

MobileDemand's comfortable 2-point shoulder strap attaches directly to the xTablet T7000 using metal clasps and solid steel "D-rings". It's easily adjustable and allows the user to "sling" the Rugged Tablet PC over their head for secure carrying or simply wear the strap similar to how you would carry a tote bag.

4-Point Shoulder Harness

This ergonomic multi-adjustable 4-Point Shoulder Harness attaches directly to the xTablet. It enables our clients to work freely with both hands while distributing the weight of the xTablet T7000 Rugged Tablet PC throughout the upper torso.