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[Accessories] T7000 - Office Accessories
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MobileDemand has Tablet PC Office Accessories to help boost your productivity in the office. Our keyboard, optical mouse, and docking stations helps to make you as effective in the office as you are in the field. Transitioning from a handheld PC to an office setup is now easier than ever with MobileDemand office accessories.

Tablet PC Keyboard

The USB Compact Keyboard comes with standard-size keycaps. Ideal for mobile use with your xTablet or to improve your effectiveness when you return to your desk after mobile computing activity. USB interface offers hot-swap and plug-and-play functionality for ease of use.

Tablet PC Mouse

Based on optical technology, the MobileDemand USB Optical Mouse enables you to navigate quickly and easily with a convenient scroll wheel. Navigate with better speed, accuracy and reliability - the optical sensor tracks movement on nearly any surface without the hassle of clogged mouse parts. Use your mouse with your left or right hand; ambidextrous design makes it comfortable for either hand.

Tablet PC Mouse Pad

The MobileDemand Optical Mouse Pad sports a sleek design and smooth surface. Made specifically for use with an optical mouse, you will quickly notice improved mouse reaction and navigation. This is an inexpensive productivity enhancer.