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[Products] MobileDemand xTablet T7000
 Model : xTablet T7000

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xTablet T7000 Rugged Mini Tablet PC

THE RUGGED Mini TABLET PC. Ultra Mobile. Ultra Tough.

It’s small. It’s lightweight. And it’s rugged. The versatile xTablet® T7000 gives your mobile workers the best of all worlds. It offers the functionality of a notebook, the full Windows® operating system of a Tablet PC and the portability of a handheld device. With the Intel® Atom processer the xTablet T7000 delivers significant memory and power advantages over traditional Windows® Mobile handhelds.

Rugged, reliable and built to withstand the harshest environments, the xTablet T7000 is IP65, MIL-STD 810G/F certified so your mission-critical information is safe, even if dropped, shocked, or exposed to undesirable conditions.

Hot-swappable batteries, all-light readable 7” display and lightweight 2.5lb form factor keep mobile workers productive the whole day without fatigue. The Windows 7 Professional operating system runs full versions of your business and desktop applications providing even greater capacity to a mobile workforce.

More Functionality. More Revenue.

With an integrated numeric keypad, optional bar code scanner and full QWERTY keyboard (option) you can capture valuable information to ensure better business decisions and provide increased customer service. Add an optional credit card reader and collect payment on-site, or sell additional products while at the customer’s door. Optional GPS provides real-time status and location stampings and turn-by-turn directions to ensure mobile workers stay on track. Vehicle or desktop cradle, hand strap, carrying case, and two or four-point shoulder straps provide them with all the accessory options they need to get the job done.

Speed Time to Deploy. Lower Total Cost.

The xTablet T7000 also speeds development and deployment, reduces downtime, and repair and replacement costs over consumer-grade devices. This significantly lowers IT support and your total cost of ownership.

- Military Rugged Tested (MIL-STD-810G)
- Small and Lightweight
- Full Windows Operating System (Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP)
-Integrated Numeric Keypad
-Optional QWERTY Keyboard
-All-Light Readable 7" Display
-Optional Bar Code / Credit Card Readers
-Vehicle Mounting Available
-Full Suite of Accessory Options

Physical and Environmental Characteristics :

Dimensions: 8.8" W x 5.7" H x 1.56" D
(225 mm W x 145 mm H x 39.8 mm D)
Display: 7.0" (178 mm) diagonal widescreen
Weight: 2.5 lb. (1.1 kg) - base configuration
Sealing Dust: IP 65; Rain: MIL-STD 810G, Method 506.5, Procedure II, 4" per hour, 40psi for 10 minutes on all axes
Drop / Shock: Lightweight magnesium alloy for strength, MIL-STD 810G, Method 516.6, Procedure IV: 26 repeated drops to plywood over concrete from 48 inches
Operating Temp: -4° F to +122° F (-20° C to +50° C)
Storage Temp: -22° F to +140° F (-30° C to +60° C)
Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing

Performance Characteristics:

Processor: Intel® Atom Z530P, 1.6 GHz, Poulsbo Chipset
512KB L2 Cache, FSB 533 MHz
System Memory: 2GB DDR2 RAM
Hard Drive: Solid State Drive, 32GB, 64GB, 80GB, 128GB+
Shock Mounted, 1.8 inch Hard Disk, 120GB
Operating System: Windows® 7 Professional
Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition®

1024 (W) x 600 (H) (WSVGA) Color TFT
(supports 1024 x 768 mode - full XGA)

Touch Screen Standard
xView Sunlight Readable Display (305nit)

Hi Bright Display (500nit)

Keyboard: QWERTY keyboard module (optional)
Full backlit numeric keypad, programmable keys
Enter, Up / Down / Left / Right Navigation,
Escape, Security, Function Key, Suspend/Power, Tab, Period/Decimal, Minus & Plus
System Expansion:

SD Card Slot; PCIe slot (standard); Surface contact docking connector RJ-45 10BaseT 10/100 Ethernet
USB 2.0, Serial Port optional (9 pin D-SUB)

I/O Board Configuration: Standard: USB (1), Ethernet, Serial
Option: USB (2), Serial
Option: USB (2), Ethernet, Audio
Battery System: Hot swappable dual battery packs

Std. Capacity Lithium Polymer (Total: 5160mAh, 7.4V, 38Wh)
(Battery Operation: 3 - 5 Hours Estimated)

High Capacity Lithium Polymer (Total: 10400mAh, 7.4V, 77Wh)
(Battery Operation: 6 - 10 Hours Estimated) (future)

External Battery Charging via Office Dock
LED: (4) color LEDs for notification, power / charge
indicator, hard disk activity, wireless
Audio: Mono speaker, microphone array (2), speaker-out jack (optional)
Camera: Integrated 2 megapixel, color

Wireless & GPS Network Characteristics:

Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR (Class II)
Open Slot WWAN: PCIe slot open for various service provider wireless cards.
Protective antenna cover maintains sealing and ruggedness
Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS Optional

Docking System

Desktop Cradle: USB (4), Serial, Ethernet (RJ-45), VGA,
2 slot battery charging
Vehicle Cradle: Durable, key lock
USB (2), Serial, VGA, Power

Regulatory Approvals

xTablet T7000: FCC Class B, FCC/SAR, cUS, CE, CB, TUV, UL


Accessory Options: QWERTY keyboard module
Vehicle cradle, desktop cradle
Hand strap, briefcase handle
Two and four point shoulder straps
AC & auto adapters, vehicle wiring kits
3M® Vikuiti® brand screen protector
Automatic Data Capture(Option): Imager / bar code scanner
Depth of field: 2" to 13" (5cm – 33cm)
Reads all major 1D/2D symbologies
Mag Stripe Reader(Option): Dual & three track, bi-directional
Read standard cards: ISO'ANSI'CDL/AAMVA
USB keyboard emulation & HID capable