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WavioNet - Network Management System (NMS)
 Model : WavionNet

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WavioNet - Network Management System
WavioNet is an advanced SNMP based Network Management System (NMS) application.
It allows service providers to manage and monitor networks with the Wavion broadband wireless solution - Base Stations, CPE’s and point-to-point radios.
WavioNet offers a rich toolbox of network management and monitoring features.

It offers flexible viewing options advanced and customizable fault management, performance monitoring as well as configuration and user management.  to focus on details as necessary.

Large scale management
WavioNet can support large scale networks with up to 2,500 base stations working in a flexible pay-as-you-grow model.
The application provides intuitive “birds-eye” view of the entire network as well as the ability  to focus on details as necessary.

WavioNet provides a selection of network views including: Geographical Topology presented on a map, Logical Topology depicting the links, interdependencies, and relationships among network devices. It also provides an explorer view, which drills down to the subnets, clusters, and further down to network element details.

Fault management
WavioNet  has  a  powerful  fault  management  module enabling service providers to quickly detect, isolate and resolve faults.

Service providers can define localized thresholds in order to detect deviations and respond quickly to ensure accurate network performance.

The faults are represented in the network views as well as in a dedicated event alarm module, which utilizes alarm color coding according to fault severity.

Performance monitoring
WavioNet includes a comprehensive performance monitoring module, providing the network operator the ability to collect data from several base stations and generate reports.

This is a powerful tool for problem resolution and network utilization  analysis,  helping  service  providers  identify bottlenecks, optimize resource usage and plan expansions.

WavioNet provides flexible multi-level access authorization, allowing operators to define user groups with different access level permission and thereby prevent misuse of the application.

In addition, service providers can centralize user management by connecting WavioNet to their existing, LDAP directory.
The audit trail, which logs user actions, completes the security suite and provides full visibility on network management and operation.

• Effective fault management, enabling quick detection, isolation, and resolution
• Enables efficient management of large and expanding wireless networks
• Simplifies network deployment and maintenance
• Extensive network visualization with geographical, logical and explorer views
• Online monitoring and statistics collection of traffic and performance
• Enhanced user security management