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Wavion Service-Pro
 Model : Wavion Service-Pro

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Wavion Service-Pro

Service & Provisioning Suite
Wavion Service-Pro (WSP) offers a comprehensive OSS/BSS service management solution for broadband wireless providers based on three components:   the RADIUS server, the payment module- a credit card management billing module and the access controller.
The Service-Pro suite offers a wide range of capabilities including: subscriber management, bandwidth management, billing, service plans and captive portals.
Wavion Service-Pro provides a comprehensive report engine for statistical and usage analysis in real-time and through system logs.
The solution can be integrated with various access controllers creating a tailored and scalable network architecture.

• Scalable solution
Allowing you to easily expand your network
• Self-help portals
Shrinking your operating expenses
• Flexible billing & rate plans
Enabling you to deploy a variety of business models
• Real time provisioning
Allowing you to respond to business changes
• Easy to setup, maintain and operate
Improving your operation efficiency
• High availability
Ensuring smooth  service delivery

Central service management
Wavion’s Service-Pro is a carrier grade solution that addresses all the subscriber and network provisioning in addition to the standard authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) aspects.
It allows network operators to deploy large scale, distributed networks  that  are  provisioned,  managed  and  billed centrally.
The system is easy to use and can be deployed within hours.

System Architecture
Central RADIUS servers are placed at the network operations center (NOC) and access controllers distributed locally in sub-networks creating a central management of the policies and local enforcement.

The access controllers connect directly to the RADIUS Server to enforce the traffic policies in real-time.

By distributing the access controllers, the system can be easily scaled as the number of base stations and subscribers or the geographical reach of the network grows.

The RADIUS server has an intuitive user interface that allows you to generate new policies and implement them in real-
time. The server supports a wide variety of plan combination based  on  logon  policies,  upstream  &  downstream  data rates, time-of-day, day-of-week, expiration from first login, expiration  date,  time  to  expiration,  traffic  limiting  and combinations of these options..

Service plans
Wavion Service-Pro supports a wide range of billing and rate plans including: prepaid, real-time billing, anonymous prepaid cards and advance-pay models.
You  can  easily  and  intuitively  create  service  plans according to any combination of parameters: usage time, package expiration date (from a given date or first login), data throughput  (e.g.  150 MB package) and bandwidth management (e.g. up to 2 Mbps, with guaranteed rate of 256Kbps).

You can view the actual number of connected subscribers and their rate plans.
Furthermore, in order to assess you network operation and optimize utilization, the system provides you with real-time traffic information at all levels of the network.
Wavion Service-Pro can provide detailed history reports of network usage according to several parameters including per user.

Customer self-care
The Wavion Service-Pro Suite provides customer self-care portal.
This enables existing subscribers and transient users to view usage reports, modify their password and user details.
This  eliminates  the  need  for  manned  customer  service centers and drastically reduces operating expenses.
Wavion solution allows service providers to customize and brand the self-service portals according to their look and feel.

Online billing engine (Payment Module )
Wavion Service-Pro has an optional module that supports online credit card billing and refillable vouchers.

By including this module, users that enter your network can enter the self-care portal and, using their credit card, sign up for a new service plan or fill up or modify their existing subscription.

Alternatively, as an operator you can create batches of voucher cards that can be used to register into your network or extend and existing service plan.