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작성일 : 10-02-09 13:18
Wavion Indoor CPE : WCPE-24DZ-SR
 Model : WCPE-24DZ-SR

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Wavion Dual Zone CPE

Wavion WCPE-24DZ-SR is an indoor dual zone CPE for residential wireless broadband access.
The WCPE-24DZ-SR provides an extended and ubiquitous indoor coverage in a cost-efective price. The device is compact and easily self-installed, enabling also simple window mount.
As part of Wavion's end-to-end-solution, the WCPE-24DZ-SR provides seamless dual zone connectivity – on one side to the Wavion base station and on the other side to the customer's PC or laptop throughout the customer's premise.

This dual zone capability simplifes the project roll out and enables product sales directly to the end user through retail stores. The WCPE-24DZ-SR full indoor coverage is achieved due to its high transmission power and sensitivity and due to its repeater functionality, which extends the Wavion's base station coverage to all the rooms in the customer's premise.

The WCPE-24DZ-SR is a key part of Wavion's residential wireless broadband solution. Together with the WBS-2400, the WCPE-24DZ-SR creates a highly cost-efective solution with unparalleled coverage and capacity.