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Wavion Indoor CPE : WCPE-24HP-USB
 Model : WCPE-24HP-USB

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Wavion Indoor CPE

Wavion WCPE-24HP-USB is a high-end Wi-Fi USB CPE. Working as part of Wavion’s end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, the WCPE-24HP-USB provides a high-performance cost-e ective solution for esidential wireless broadband access.
The WCPE-24HP-USB is compact and can be easily self-installed. It does not require an external power source and is fully plug-and-play with Microsoft operating systems.
This simpli es the project roll out and enables product sales directly to the end user through retail stores.  The WCPE-24HP-USB provides superior indoor coverage due to the high transmission power and sensitivity. It enables connecting an external high gain antenna that enables quick and simple product upgrades directly by the customer.
The WCPE-24HP-USB is a key part of Wavion’s residential wireless broadband solution.
Together with the WBS-2400, the WCPE-24HP-USB creates a highly cost-e ective solution with unparallel capacity and coverage.

Features & Bene ts
• Superior indoor coverage
Provided by the CPE’s high-power transmission and reception sensitivity

• Simple and fast service roll out
Enabled by the simple self-installed feature which allows sales through retail stores

• Straightforward performance upgrades
 Enabled by replacing the default detachable antenna with a higher gain antenna

• Cost e  ective solution
Together  with  Wavion’s  WBS-2400  base station  provides  a  very  cost  e ective wireless broadband solution

• Compact and  exible product
Comes in a compact package and does not require an external power source

• Window mount kit
Included in the package, ensures easy user installation,   which  maximizes  network performance.

• Plug-and-Play solution
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, Millennium, XP and Vista, as well as Linux