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작성일 : 10-02-09 11:36
구축사례>Service Provider>Wireless Internet Connectivity
 글쓴이 : 최고관리자 (119.♡.233.152)
조회 : 7,933  

Customer type: Service Provider
Country/Region: Bangladesh
Application: Wireless Internet connectivity



The customer
IT Connect Ltd. is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating in Bangladesh. The company is  currently  focused  on  providing  internet connectivity to the metro residential market in Dhaka.

The challenge
Achieving fast penetration by creating a cost effective solution with minimal barrier for low-income areas.

The solution
Wavion’s  Wi-Fi   solution,   which   combines the  powerful  WBS-2400  base  stations  and low cost, self-install CPEs, which are given for free to customers.

The result
A novel business model that allows IT Connect to penetrate the market quickly in low-income areas.