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작성일 : 10-02-09 11:22
구축사례>Public Safety>Voice, Video, hight-speed data communications
 글쓴이 : 최고관리자 (119.♡.233.152)
조회 : 6,875  

Customer type: County
Country/Region: Pennsylvania, USA
Application: Public safety network for voice, video and high-speed data communications



The customer
Cambria  County,  Pennsylvania -  Cambria
Connected project.
The integrator
CONXX, using their patent-pending EtherCell™ operating  environment,  have  integrated  the system components to provide the security, flexibility and performance required by a multi-
service, multi-user environment
The challenge
To replace an aging public safety network with a  multi-service  communication  network  to provide improved services to safety agencies, businesses and residents.
The solution
A public safety and community network which
combines carrier-class backbone architecture
with best-of-breed wireless broadband last-mile
technologies, including the Wavion WBS-2400.
The result
A  powerful  broadband  network  throughout Cambria County that promotes “a partnership for government, business and the people”.