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작성일 : 09-05-21 17:14
구축사례>영상전송>King 5, Belo Broadcasting 영상전송시스템 구축
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ACT-L3™ Over a Single T1

Solution Summary
Customer: King 5, Belo Broadcasting
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Description: King 5, part of the Belo Corporation, one of the nation’s largest media
companies, needed a way to bring a live news feed from an airport tower cam
into their studio at full D1 resolution over a single T1 network connection.

King 5 had an existing microwave link that they wanted to use for other
programming, so they needed an alternate link for their airport tower cam.
They needed a full D1 resolution feed and only had a single 1.5Mbps T1 line.
Station operations were skeptical that they could get a high enough quality
signal over that line but the ACT-L3 Video Transport delivered.

Hardware: Streambox SBT3-5000 Video Transport System
Options: SDI output, genlock.