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ACT-L3™ Point to Multipoint Over Two T1 Lines

“We are very happy with the performance of Streambox ACT-L Video Transport,
and are recommending this solution to the rest of our corporate family.”
-Vince Reinig, Regional Manager, Northland Cable Television

Solution Summary
Customer: Northland Cable
Location: Mt. Shasta, CA USA
Description: Northland Cable Television operates over 80 cable systems in nine states in
the Southeast, Southwest and West Coast. At Mt. Shasta, Northland needed a
Point to-Multipoint T1 Video Transport Solution to send Full Broadcast
Quality NTSC Video in Real-time, including Closed Captioning, from the
regional source to two cable head ends.

Northland Cable had recently lost the microwave link that supported
their cable head ends. A fiber link did not exist, and the mountainous
topography and extended distances meant that no combination of
high-bandwidth options would fit within their economic constraints.
They had tried deploying an MPEG-1 solution over a single T1, but the
picture quality was unacceptable. They needed an economical way to send a
broadcast quality interlaced video from their studio to their cable heads, and
a single T1 line to each cable head end was the only cost effective option.

Hardware: One SBT3-7000 Encoder, Two SBT3-5000 Decoders
Options: Balanced Audio